Interactive Event Format


Panel Discussions

Each panel discussion will target a relevant topic chosen by our content committee. Our content committee is comprised of top  technology executives who lead technology efforts in their respective organizations. Innovacion latam panel discussions provide a platform for executives to mindshare and debate with members of both the CXO & solution provider community.


Structured Networking 

Innovacion Latam will offer a variety of structured networking opportunities that include:

  • Networking Coffee Breaks.

  • Networking Lunch Reception.

  • Cocktail Receptions.

  • VIP Networking Dinner.

  • A VIP Room for 1-1 Meetings.


Round Table Discussions

A more focused and intimate discussion between one of the Thought Leaders and conference attendees.  Each round table discussion is 1 hour in length and attendees and guest have the opportunity to pre-register to the round table discussions prior to attending the conference.